Life on the Loop

IMG_0978 We still haven’t quite figured out why the California Delta ‘Loop’ is still largely undiscovered.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re kind of torn about it. We’re aware of our good fortune. We’re often the sole sailors on these perfectly seasoned fall days, sharing the mimosa-hued sunset skies with herons, turtles and other wildlife. It’s not uncommon to encounter a frisky otter while you’re paddling through the sloughs. At a moment’s notice, we can gather-together the fixings of a picnic and enjoy an impromptu lunch onboard or at any number of ‘secret spots’ we’ve come upon throughout our time spent ‘on the loop’.

IMG_0881  Reading reviews on one of the web’s premier travel ratings site really made us chuckle. Some folks get it…some just don’t. If you’re looking for high-energy excitement, you’d better bring some of your own. It’s not that there aren’t opportunities for it, but the Delta just, is. The Delta Loop and the environs surrounding it are plenty of things; its a time-capsule in the most uncontrived way. Its serene and still pretty natural (maybe not quite as indigenously so as before anything on two legs started deciding it’s fate, but we’ll pop the top on that can of worms another time.) It’s imminently approachable, perfect for an affordable sojourn if you neIMG_1274ed a little less city in your day with opportunities to kayak, canoe, sail (!) eat, drink or just chill-out.

In this world of instant, blatant entertainment, it can be difficult to even realize one is in the presence of potential delight when it isn’t coming at a constant, light-speed. The Loop doesn’t pander it’s wares. Come discover it as you’d like. Enjoy the peace and quiet to catch-up on some reading, pack your paints & brushes and capture what you see on canvas. Travel solo or explore with friends or family and experience the quirk that makes the Delta so unconventional, from the place to the people.

We’re happy to tell you a little about the people and places we know and love along the way. If you’d like to experience it yourself, please stop by and say hi. Let us know you’re coming and see the sights from a sailboating perspective. Its a fun and beautiful way to see the whole picture.