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ASA Classes
Delta Sailing School is located in the heart of the California Delta.
Multiple Levels

There’s something for everyone whether you’re an experienced sailor, new to sailing, or coming back to the sport after a time away, Delta Sailing School is just right for you.


The best mom and pop sailing school around. Great classes with great instructors and the most affordable you can find. They offer a wide range of classes and have monthly events, cookouts and adventure trips around the world as well. If you want to learn to sail or become a better sailor, this is the place. The Delta also offers great climate almost all year round.


I've wanted to learn to sail but never seem to have the time. The thought of driving down to the Bay Area multiple times for a class isn't appealing (would rather sail down there) so was surprised to find out there is a sailing school so close to Sacramento. Not only closer, but better prices for classes and club with good charter rates. The instructors are patient and have lots of experience too. Highly recommended.


My husaband and I began Basic Keelboal (ASA 101) and are currently enrolled in Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103) at Delta Sailing School. The instructors for ASA 101 were patient and eager for us to succeed in developing each critical skill required for sailing. They made learning fun and encouraged us with positive feedback. Our instructor for ASA 103 is helping us hone the skills learned in ASA 101 and increase our confidence. We are scheduled for Coastal Cruising (ASA 104) next month. In between classes, DSS allows us the use their fleet of 22' and 27' boats to practice and run through drills. The owners have Sail Days and BBQ for students and members of the sailing club associated with the school. Definitely a family friendly place to learn and appreciate sailing. I highly recommend Delta Sailing School !!!

(916) 966-1855


23 Salient Road
1200 W Brannan Island Rd
London, United Kingdom
Isleton, CA, United States
PO-LDN 123


Monday - Sunday
Monday - Sunday
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By Appointment