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Basic Coastal Cruising

Basic Coastal Cruising – BCC (ASA 103):  This three-day course prepares each student to safely cruise on a 27- 30 foot auxiliary powered sailboat in local waters under moderate wind and sea conditions. 

Our classes are small, semi-private lessons with two students and one instructor per boat.  This ensures our students receive plenty of experience both as skipper and as crew. Students taking the class with a friend or family member can sign up by selecting a date from the list below. Pricing listed in the registration section below is for two students. 

Students in need of a partner for the Basic Coastal Cruising class please click here and complete the form to sign up. 

It is recommended that students read the text before starting the class to be as prepared as possible. A written test and a practical on-the-water test are given at the end of the class. After passing both of the tests, the student will receive Basic Coastal Cruising ASA certification.

  • Prerequisite: Basic Keelboat – BKB (ASA 101) & 5 sailing days on the water
  • Class Fee: Two Students – $1,590.00    Single Student – $795.00
  • Delta Sailing Club members receive $150.00 sailboat rental credit.
  • Tuition includes Textbook and ASA Certification

2020 BCC Schedule of Classes

Sec Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Spaces Available  
10301 Sat, March 21 Sun, March 22 Mon, March 23 0 Sign-Up-Button
10302 Sat, May 16 Sun, May 17 Mon, May 18 0 Sign-Up-Button
10303 Sat, June 13 Sun, June 14 Mon, June 15 1 Sign-Up-Button
10304 Fri, Aug 14 Sat, Aug 15 Sun, Aug 16 1 Sign-Up-Button
10305 Sat, Sep 12 Sun, Sep 13 Mon, Sep 14 0 Sign-Up-Button
10306 Sat, Nov 7 Sun, Nov 8 Mon, Nov 9 0 Sign-Up-Button