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Live Aboard Vacation Sailing Classes

Combining a hands-on educational experience with an exciting vacation is the perfect way to live what you learn! Our students arrive the afternoon before their class move and aboard our Newport 30 for the week.

Classes are from 9 am to 5 pm giving the students time in the evening to review their day’s work or see a bit of The Delta by car. The class starts on a Capri 22 and moves up to the Newport 30 as the students’ progress in their skills. The live aboard class covers all of the material in both Basic Keelboat and Basic Coastal Cruising so the students are ready to skipper a 30 foot sailboat or move to the bay and our Bareboat Cruising class.

Semiprivate sailing lessons teaches a couple how to skipper a sailboat, the Bareboat class with other students helps the students learn how to handle a larger boat in a group environment. Giving the students the best of both class sizes.

The California Delta is a unique place, serene, with a temperate climate that’s perfect to learn to sail or further your sailing experience. The San Francisco Bay and the Pacific just beyond the Golden Gate, are like no-other. Dramatic, historical and varied which makes for especially dynamic sailing! It is where the culmination of your vacation sailing experience happens. California Bay Area and Delta is a true lifetime experience and makes for a fantastic educational adventure! Interested in learning more about the experience and curriculum?

Call (916)966-1855 or Email:

Semiprivate sailing lessons with two students and the sailing instructor.
Five or six day classes combine both Basic
Keelboat(BKB) and Basic Coastal Cruising(BCC). Vacation classes start on Sunday or Monday and end on Friday.
If you wish to include Bareboat Cruising(BBC), plan to take the BKB-BCC class the week before a Bareboat Cruising class, and your classes would continue through the following Monday.
The five day live-aboard class is $2800 for two students.
The six day live-aboard class is $3300 for two students.
 Please call 916-966-1855 to schedule your 2019 BKB-BCC Live Abord Vacation SailingClass