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ASA 117 - Celestial Navigation

Single Student - $595.00

ASA 117 - Celestial Navigation

This basic celestial navigation class teaches the theory and practice needed to determine latitude and longitude at sea using the noon sun and the star Polaris (a.k.a. the North Star) with just a small eleven-page booklet, a sextant, a watch, and simple arithmetic.

This alternative approach to the intercept method eliminates the need for sight reduction tables and allows for the direct determination of latitude and longitude. The method's simplicity and historical significance, dating back to the Vikings and ancient Hawaiians, make it an exciting option for naval history enthusiasts.

This course is a great introduction to the joys of navigating “celestially” without the rigors of ASA 107. The skills learned in this course make a nice backup in case you lose your GPS while on a voyage out of sight of land.

Text used: Latitude & Longitude from the Noon Sun by John Karl

Prerequisite: None

Class Fee: $595.00
Tuition includes Textbook, Practice Chart & ASA Certification. *Tuition fees are non-refundable. Classes may be eligible for one reschedule if requested 30 days or more from the first day of class.

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