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Adventures in Croatia - Part One

Hello from Croatia! We are so excited to share our current Adventure Sail with all of you!

On June 3rd we bid farewell to the marina in Split, Croatia and set sail for our voyage through the Dalmatian Coast. With the warm sea breeze filling the sails, pushing the Wind Rose through the crystal clear waters we began our grand adventure.

While aboard the Wind Rose we have enjoyed many delicious treats like the ones you see above. Croatia has no shortage of culinary delights for your taste buds to explore! During our strolls through the history filled towns of Jelsa and Stari Gard on the island of Hvar, we also enjoyed visiting some on the plentiful on shore dining options.

After our visit to Hvar Island, we headed out towards our next destination, the town of Bol on Brac Island. Here we were greeted by beautiful beaches and the sparkling turquoise waters.

We even had the pleasure of swimming at what is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, Golden Horn Beach. It truly is a swimmers and water sports enthusiasts paradise!

This has been quite the thrilling adventure so far. And while this may be the end of our post for part 1 of the journey, it is not the end of our Croatia adventure. Stayed tuned for the next chapter in our sailing voyage. Part 2 will be coming out next week!

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